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Beni Hanna Nishikigoi

Breeder of topic class America Koi

555 Tategoi Grow Out Event


On May 5th 2022, 55 of our 7-8" Tategoi that have qualified to enter our summer grow out program are being offered for sale.

Each koi is $555 and includes summer growing here at BHN

This year's koi selection includes American Bred Koi by Beni Hanna Nishikigoi and Imported Japanese Koi from Isawa Nishikigoi Center

These special selected koi will be harvested September 24, 2022

* On May 5th at 9am Eastern time,

The koi on this page will go live for sale.

Purchases are based on first come first server.

The koi will have a death guarantee

 IF your fish should happen not to make it to the fall harvest,

you will receive credit for another koi.  

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