Nishikigoi Yearbook April 19 · Volume 5 # 1 

We take a detailed look at the sheer diversity of Koi, featuring some seriously impressive Koi of different kinds. Conclude our RO series with a look at Calcium. We feature some of the most amazing bio film images we've ever had! These are the work of our friend Jasper Kuijper (EA Technical director) whose incredible pictures enhance some great work by EA colleague Jeremy Gay who tells us about an exciting discovery of a new strain of beneficial bacteria!

Chip's new pond is complete and we have the photos to prove it and he also shares some advice for those planning on visiting Japan.

Did you know the Australian government are considering actually introducing KHV into Oz? Well they are - and have the whole scarry story!

Our "exceptionality" series continues with a look at some high class Kohaku like the one below! We look at the seven deadly sins of Koi keeping, so you can avoid them! We also take a look at Koi bred outside Japan including some seriously exciting Koi from Adam Byer!

We look at why Japan is so unique, have the toughest Judging challenge we have ever tackled, we'll tell you how to save energy costs and if all that's not enough...we look at some amazing Nishikigoi Malarkey and blow a few whistles on the way!    - Nishikigoi Yearbook

Nishikigoi Yearbook Volume 5


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