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Beni Hanna Nishikigoi is a specialized Koi breeder and Importer.
We welcome you to visit our farm to see our unique selection of koi
Telephone Number  - 609 420 0434
67 North Stumpy Rd, Carneys Point NJ 08069

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Beni Hanna 

Salem County New Jersey

Beni Hanna Nishikigoi and Beni Hanna Aquaponics is linked through this website for easier communication.


For our updated hours, please view our Google Page


As of yesterday, we have decided to close until Saturday July 15 2023.

We have seen some unusual behavior from a percentage of imported koi from our spring shipment from Japan along with some losses. All issues have been discovered post quarantine several weeks after mixing with other koi. Recent temperature changes may well have exposed an infection of Carp Edema Virus also known as sleeping sickness. Most Japanese koi are theoretically exposed to this virus in their first year, prior to export. When mature koi, who were not successfully inoculated as yearlings, then catch CEV, the consequences are more severe.

We are testing koi with the assistance of two University labs to check for CEV and also the potential KHV as a Co-infection.

Information from ongoing tests will take time, especially during the July 4th holiday period. We will send more samples after the holidays to gain some conclusions. Current results show active CEV but also an unidentified presence. We are working to find more and better. answers.

Maintaining bio security for all our stocks and for our customers ponds is our highest priority. Due to the risk of cross contamination of the unknown, we will not be selling any koi. Also, we are restricting visitors to our koi environment. Kids love to interact with our koi and hands often go in the water, it is impossible to control a potential viral spread without implementing these temporary changes.

Sorry for any inconvenience that this causes

We will be making use of this available time to breed many strong, healthy koi for next year and beyond. Watch out for updates!

Thanks for your patience and understanding

Mat and Jen McCann.

Due to traveling to Koi shows during the season, our hours may vary.  Updated hours will be posted here. Please check prior making the trip to our farm or contact us to be sure we will be on site
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