Koi For Sale by Beni Hanna Nishikigoi
We offer koi for sale by 3 different breeders from 3 different country!
America, Japan and Poland 

Quarantine Method

BHN quarantine procedure, includes blending naïve, antibody tested, koi into the imported populations, with heat changers, chemo theory stressors, followed by post quarantine testing by Veterinarian. 

All Koi are priced online FOB
* Koi under 40cm maybe shipped overnight to your door.  
* Koi 41cm + will be shipped via airline to your local cargo.   Contact us for shipping arrangments and cost
* Due to the quanity of koi we may have at one time, not all the koi will be posted on our website. If you have a specific request please contact to see if we have one in stock 

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